“Let her speak! Please.”

– Marilee Talkington

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I have to cringe out!  /  Moderator at World Science Festival won't let the only woman on the panel speak

“Often one will hear that there’s a time-reversal symmetry in the laws [of physics]. But the normal way you describe a time-reversal symmetry presupposes there’s a direction of time.”

– Tim Maudlin

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Reading suggestion: Tim Maudlin defends a fundamental direction of time

The lecture is dead, long live the lecture!

I have collected arguments to why universities should abandon the traditional lecture format in favour of a new model.

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3Blue1Brown is awesome!

Today, 3Blue1Brown released the first video in a new series about the essence of calculus. You should watch it.

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I wish I had more than 24 hours

Three things that has grabbed my attention lately. Unfortunately – as long as the days keeps insisting on 24 hours, and I'm occupied completing my master – I have to delay the gratification of learning more about these fascinating subjects.

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Understanding path integrals

I wrote some notes explaining the fundamental concepts of path integrals in Quantum Field Theory. Download them here!

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Nailing that master thesis topic

A short excerpt from the life of a master student in theoretical physics. The delights that comes from concluding the hunt for a master thesis, with notes of PhD-future angst, and excitement for the coming year.

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There is nothing beautiful about Mathematics

This article is an exploration of my relation to mathematics, where I make the case that it is not fair to claim that mathematics possesses any kind of beauty in itself. Instead I attempt to offer a different characteristic.

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Attention-catching physicists

Usually I would not do name-dropping, mostly because of an unreliable memory for names. Thus it is better to write them down. Here is my short list of three, now active, physicists that I think you absolutely need to know about.

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“I look around and see my female colleagues exchanging glances and saying this has been going on for a long time, and it’s about time we start talking about it.”

– Eric Davidson

(That is not me, I spell my name with a Swedish double s.)

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Reading suggestion: Wired has a new article about sexual harass­ment in the sciences


In space, no one can hear you scream. Click to read my very first blog post.

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