Nobel prize in physics 2017

Being Swedish and all, I am equally proud and embarrassed to turn my attention to a press conference in Stockholm, and listen to Göran K. Hansson announce the 2017 Nobel price in physics with an unmistakable Swedish accent.


Today's announcement of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics was—like many suspected—about gravitational waves. The price is split equally between Rainer Weiss on one side, and on the other side, Barry C. Barish and (of course) the modern physics superstar Kip S. Thorne.

I have to say, I still hold some (I would argue: healthy) scepticism about gravitational wave detections. Though I have no doubts that the waves exist, making sure that signals aren't confused with noise seems like quite a feat. However, at this point—we have a couple of detections, and today, a Nobel prize—I guess it is time for me to start trusting the authorities in the field.

If you don't know what a gravitational wave is, Vox has an explanatory article.

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