Suggested readingTim Maudlin defends a fundamental direction of time


While scrolling through some feeds this morning—wondering weather I had any bread for a proper breakfast—I saw an interesting headline coming from Quanta Magazine: "A Defense of the Reality of Time".

— Huh!

Lately, I have enjoyed thinking about the arrow of time. From a purely intuitive point of view, the explanation that I have got for the directionality of time seems to have some intrinsic difficulty. You know, entropy is causing a sym­me­try breaking. Note well, however, when intuition is your single objection to an explanation, it is likely that there is a problem only because you haven't really understood, and the correct response is of course to learn more.

But surely my curiosity peaks when happening upon an article that seems to suggest some truth to my intuition. This week, Quanta Magazine published such an article.

Read the article in Quanta

There was bred.
I even had some eggs and yoghurt.