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Since, at the moment, I am working with my masters degree, naturally I do not have many publications to show. However you are quite welcome to read my bachelor thesis, Quantum interference and interaction free measurement in a diatomic molecule.


This thesis utilizes the split operator method, and a quantum mechanical numerical model, to study a phenomenon where a supposedly unstable molecule becomes more stable – or meta-stable – through matter wave interference. The model of the molecule and the split operator method are both discussed in detail, and then used in numerical calculations to arrive at results in two separate investigations.

The first is a successful replication of an earlier paper where the meta-stable behaviour is optimized for and found. The second investigation models an interaction-free measurement of the electronic state of the molecule by incorporating a quantized electromagnetic field. Entanglement between field and molecule is calculated to confirm the assumption that increasing entanglement means a larger risk for dissociating the meta-stable molecule. The assumption is shown to be consistent with the results from the numerical model.

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What's next?
We are currently writing a paper based on my computations in the bachelor thesis. The work with my master thesis is ongoing.