/ Video presentation

Simulating photodissociation reactions in bad cavities with the Lindblad equation

When Covid made it impossible to meet with the research community and discuss our research, we put a 10 minute introduction to our new paper on YouTube. Watch it here, or click to read more.

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/ In the life of a master student

Drafting the abstract for my draft

The work with my master thesis is in its most intense phase, with my fingers crossed hard enough to obstruct the flow of blood, hoping that I will not find any final inconsistencies as I am trying to make everything come together. Well, back to frantic typing. I probably have another month worth of LaTeX compulsion.

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/ Learning resource

Deriving the thermal state in Quantum Mechanics

Finding a detailed, yet easy to follow, derivation of the thermal state for a quantum system wasn't that easy. So I wrote up my own derivation. You can read it here.

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/ New results

Juan Collar et al. have created a new type of neutrino detector

Writing some new science history, Juan Collar and his colleagues have detected the signature of elastic scattering events between neutrinos, and nuclei of atoms, for the first time. And they used a detector that would fit on your desk!

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/ Learning resource

3Blue1Brown is awesome!

Today, 3Blue1Brown released the first video in a new series about the essence of calculus. You should watch it.

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/ Suggested reading

“I look around and see my female colleagues exchanging glances and saying this has been going on for a long time, and it’s about time we start talking about it.”

– Eric Davidson

(That is not me, I spell my name with a Swedish double s.)

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Suggested reading: Wired has a new article about sexual harass­ment in the sciences
/ Introduction

First past the post

In space, no one can hear you scream. Click to read my very first blog post.

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