Suggested readingWired has a new article about sexual harass­ment in the sciences


Sarah Scoles writes a Wired article about an important topic. The persisting culture of sexual harassment in many science workplaces, particularly harassment of women. She also interviews my namesake Eric Davidson (spelled with one "s" instead of my typical Swedish double s). He is the incoming president of the American Geophysical Union, and thinks it is about time we start talking about the situation.

I agree with my namesake! I am glad to be able to say that my institution is working on these questions.

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However, I am not really in a position to judge how much difference the work at Stockholm University makes. We still have a majority of students identifying as male at the physics programme. Though this imbalance can of course have less violent causes than sexual harassment. The Atlantic ran an article—written by Jane C. Hu—just 2 months ago that asked the question why there are so few women specifically in Mathematics.

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