Writing a Scientific Paper or Thesis

Great ideas have great value iff they are generously and efficiently communicated!

Professor Simon Peyton Jones gives a lecture centred around how to write a great thesis or paper, but also more broadly, the scientific process in practice. The lecture is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

How to Write a Great Research Paper

Perhaps you think academic writing is about communicating your thoughts and ideas? Think again! The director of the Writing Program at the University of Chicago, Larry McEnerney, will set your priorities straight, and let you write papers that the people in your field will want to read.

The Craft of Writing Effectively

Begin writing as they do at The New Yorker! Copy editor Mary Norris—aka The Comma Queen—has a charming YouTube series on written language in all its facets.

The Comma Queen

Going into and a bit beyond writing papers, you might want to have a look at Steven Pinker's talk from The Royal Institution. The title of the talk is Linguistics, Style and Writing in the 21st Century.
Linguistics, Style and Writing